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You deserve a great website, one that exceeds your expectations, one that gets visitors and one that increases online sales or increases bookings .

In order for us to tailor a proposal to your needs we need to ask some questions. Please complete in the following. This will help us to provide an accurate quotation and have a greater understanding of your website requirements.

    1. Brief Introduction

    2. Personal/Company Information

    3. Website Information.

    Do you already have a domain?

    This is your companies’ address and tends to follow the format of
    (We can arrange or advise on this if you don’t have one already)
    If yes please list here:

    Do you require website hosting?

    Website hosting is required in order to have a website. This handles the amount of web space you need, the available technology and is your own space online.
    (We can arrange or advise on this if you don’t have one already)

    What is the purpose of your website?

    A personal blog:Advertise a service or product:To encourage potential customers to contact you:To make available product information and price lists:Establish an online presence:Provide information:Provide a service:Offer products for sale onlineOther:

    4.Is your new website an online shop? If so please answer the below questions. If not please skip to the section 4

    What is the product(s) you wish to sell?

    Are you selling on any other platform presently?

    Do you have Merchant Accounts and a Payment Gateway arranged already?

    5. Competition

    Please list below your competitors websites.

    6. Design Outline

    Do you have a logo and branding already?

    Have you seen a website you like and would like your site to look similar too or take ideas from? If so, please list them below:

    Please include what you like and why you like it. This will reduce design time and give us more of a feeling of the style of website you like.

    7. Budget

    Do you have an idea of budget?

    We like to be open and honest as this is an important part of website design and build. This helps us to make recommendations, helps to ensure you are getting the best value for money and helps us tailor a quotation to equal your budget.
    Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 20,000Rs. 21,000 - Rs. 45,000Rs. 46,000 - Rs. 80,000Rs. 80,000+

    8. Timescale

    Do you have a launch/completion date?

    9. Payment

    Please indicate how you would like to pay.
    We are quite a flexible company and can offer payment options, depending on the type of website required we can offer the below options, please tell us which you would prefer.

    Deposit followed by remainder on completionPayment up-front followed by ongoing monthly paymentsMonthly payments only

    10. Page Content

    We require content to be sent to us prior to starting any design work. This is very important as it helps us gain an understanding of how much information will be on each page and we can make suggestions or use these page links to create buttons or utilize as elements within your pages.

    By supplying this correctly and only requiring minimal alterations we can significantly decrease the amount of time taken to produce your website.

    A website can take 1 week from design to working online if the text is supplied correctly in a page structure when compared to 2-4 weeks + if the correct information is not supplied.

    We prefer to have the text supplied to us in MS Word and all the images seperately.
    Do you have the content ready?
    YesNoIt will be ready by the time of contract.

    Last and most important:

    We would like to know where you found us.